How to Become a Member
Norwegian Fish Club Odin

Membership is open to anyone of good character who shares the group's interest. To become a member, one must be of at least 21 years of age and recommended by another member.

Getting Started

It doesn't take a lot to get started. You don't have to have a full Viking costume. You can perhaps borrow some garb for your first meeting. We also have contact information for having a costume made. Viking clothing is by no means required, but it adds to the fun of our gatherings so we like to encourage it.

Next, you need to choose the name of a character, either real (from Viking history) or mythological (from Norse Mythology). There are plenty of websites available that you can visit to get introduced to this grand and ferocious period. After choosing a persona, make sure it is not already taken by another proud member of the NFCO by consulting one of the supreme deities within the club. Read on below for more specific information.

Specifics Points to Become a Member in the World Famous

Norwegian Fish Club Odin

Club Name Adoption

All members must adopt a name from Norse Mythology or from the Viking period (792-1066). The pledger (the person who pledges for membership in the club) shall seek Odin’s approval of a selected club name. Upon approval, the pledger must learn as much as possible about the personage of the name he/she hopes to adopt.

Oral Presentation

During the induction process, the pledger will orally present to the members and guests a one- to three-minute presentation on the personage he/she is adopting.

Norwegian Language Demonstration

During the induction process, each pledger must be able to say the following phrases in Norwegian:

Eg liker fisk.
(I like fish.)

Eg liker øl og akevitt.
(I like beer and aquavit.)

Eg liker å feste.
(I like to socialize.)

Eg har lyst til å lære mer norsk.
(I like to learn more Norwegian.)

Sacred Liquid Consumption

During the induction process, each pledger shall imbibe three sacred liquids (each equal to one ounce) from the ceremonial silver goblets.

Runic Scribing

During the induction process, each pledger shall demonstrate upon the rune board his/her ability to scribe the new club name in appropriate Viking runes.

Membership Dues

The pledger will have satisfactorily paid the membership fee to the Membership Director prior to the induction process. The Membership Director will contact the pledger to make arrangements. The membership fee is $25 annually and is prorated throughout the year.

Appropriate Attire

The club encourages all members to dress appropriately. You may create your own Viking attire. If you prefer, you may have your clothing made by RuthAnn Malbrough, who can provide you with appropriate clothing. With RuthAnn your only cost will be the cost of the material and one bottle of fine spirits; she will not accept money. Her contact information is: 760-728-7428 or To promote camaraderie and spirit, we urge you to wear a costume; however, it is not a requirement.

Some Websites for Viking Names